Simple no-math pricing

Nobody like pricing that scales with usage. You need to bring out a calculator to figure out what you have to pay and even then you end up overpaying.

So we’ve kept it simple. Grow as much as you want - for a fixed price. No surprises!


Start experimenting with the Free plan that offers

  • 1 active program
  • Member directory
  • Upto 25 members in the community
  • Curated Connections branding
  • No credit card required
  • Advanced match rules
  • Slack integration
  • White glove onboarding

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Launch offer

$49 $29 per month

Grow all you want with the Pro plan. No tiers, no hidden fees.

  • Unlimited members per program
  • Unlimited programs
  • Remove our branding
  • Advanced match rules
  • Slack integration
  • Priority access to new features
  • White glove onboarding
  • Member directory

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Our customers love us

Small Communities

"Generalist World members wanted more than just our lively speed networking events. That's where Curated Connections swooped in, becoming our go-to app for sparking those one-on-one chats that our community loves.

The moment we introduced it to the community, our most active members jumped right in! We recently levelled up to Pro, pairing our OGs with the newbies, as part of our onboarding process”

Ece Kurtaraner
Ece Kurtaraner
Generalist World
Large Communities

"We received plenty of feedback that our community feels too large and difficult to make quality connections. Curated Connections has helped us with that!

It has helped members of our 60,000 member design community, make meaningful 1:1 connections through shared interests.”

Grace Ling
Grace Ling
Design Buddies

"We used Curated Connections before our first in-person Rails conference to match attendees and give them the opportunity to meet up virtually before traveling in-person to Amsterdam.

For first-time attendees, it was a really valuable ice-breaker. They were able to travel to the event already knowing at least one familiar face.

This allowed us to start the conference excitement weeks out. Highly recommend to other events to try!

Amanda Perino
Amanda Perino
Rails Foundation

Comparison with other matchmaking tools

I built Curated Connections to scratch my own itch. When I wanted to start a matchmaking program for one of my consulting clients, I realised that none of the existing options fit our needs. They were either too restrictive, too lacking in features or too expensive. That's why, I decided to build an alternative that was simple, yet powerful.

Nityesh Nityesh Co-founder and CEO
Curated Connections Meetsy Donut
Cost (per month) $49 $29 $199 $144 $49 $999
Members included Unlimited 100 300 49 1000
Curated Matching
Slack integration
Login-free experience Your members don't need to create a separate profile to get matched
White glove onboarding
Member directory

Frequently asked questions

Is there any intention to add scheduling & video chat to the product?

We don't have any plan to add them to the roadmap. That's because in our product research we realised that most professionals actually prefer to use their Calendly (or similar) links to manage their availability. So they like the simplicity of being introduced to another person and have them put something on their calendar.

Do you know if that might be the case for your community members as well?

How does the matching work?

By default, we match members who have the most answers in common. But you can also use advanced match rules to customise the matching algorithm.

How can I customise the matching algorithm?

2 simple features that enables infinite customisations - "Don't-match rules" and "Must-match rules"

  • Don't-match rules: these allow you to specify which answers should not match. For example, don't match "Australia time" with "Pacific time".
  • Must-match rules: these allow you to specify which questions must have the same answer in order for the people to qualify for a match. For example, must match "How many years of experience do you have?"
Can I set weights or priority on the order in which questions are used for matching?

Our algorithm matches questions in the order in which they are listed. So yes there is priority inbuilt. You can reorder the questions to change their priority.

But note that it will prioritize matching people who have the most no. of answers in common. So, if there is a question that you really want to prioritise, we suggest adding a "must-match" rule for that.

On the admin side, what analytics do I have access to?

We give you insights into the people who opt-in, a complete list of matches that get made, average open rate of match emails and automated NPS-style feedback from members.

We don't track the conversation that happens between the members after making a connection. So we can't tell you much about the follow ups that happen between the members. We rely on the members to report anything substantial in the survey that gets sent periodically.

How are you able to provide unlimited matches when others charge anywhere between 10x to 500x more than this? Is this sustainable for you as a business?

Short answer - yes.

Long answer - you will be surprised to know how many match emails I can send with an API for $1 (1000 emails). This means that we can easily support a community with tens of thousands of members without breaking the bank.

So the question to ask is - why are the other companies charging so much money?

Answer: That's the B2B SaaS business playbook. Build software for a small market, sell for a lot of money, and then use that money to hire more salespeople who can do more sales. Only a little portion of the revenue actually goes towards improving the product for you.

That's why they run the risk of being upended by a small team with a modern tech stack that is passionate about helping the community. ;)

I'm not convinced that you'll be around 5 years from now.

Well, we're not gonna sugarcoat it - we're a young business and like any business there's always a risk of failure. But that's not a useful answer.

So let me tell you how our core business structure works in favour of our longevity:

  1. We are bootstrapped with no plans to go the venture route. So we won't need this product to generate 10s of millions in revenue to make it worthwhile. In fact, we don't expect it to. We are in it to solve our own problems and make a comfortable living from it along the way.
  2. This makes me confident that we'll be around longer than most of our competition who are VC-funded. In fact, one of the major alternatives even has a bad rep of shutting down products with 100s of users (cough, Matcha, cough).
  3. In the event of a catastrophe, we intend to keep the lights on as long as we have 1 paying customer. That's all we'll need to run the infrastructure of this service.