Give your community members the directory they are asking for

You know your members want to connect with each other

Then why is it so difficult for them to learn about other members? Why do they have to read through nine hundred and ninety nine profiles to find the person they should connect with?

Make it easy with Curated Connections.

Beautiful directory

Designed to help members connect

Make it easy for your members to find the right person to connect with. Give them a filterable member directory that has rich info about each member.

Member Directory

Warm emails

Allow members to email each other privately

Facilitate warm intros between members. Offer them the ability to privately email others without exposing anyone’s email.

Member Directory

Open doors to other services

Create your community's HUB

Bookmark other resources that are a part of your membership to create a slick central hub for your community

Member Directory

One-click import

It's easy to migrate your existing member data

It's okay if you already use tools like Airtable, Notion, Sheets, etc to house your members' info. Easily import all data into our directory by using our migration tool.

Member Directory

Slack integration

Members don't even need to leave your community

(Coming Soon) Use Slack as your community’s platform? You're in luck! Use our Slack integration to offer a rich directory within Slack itself.

Member Directory

Automated matchmaking included

Take connections to the next level

Create networking programs to play the matchmaker at scale using our much loved matchmaking tool – included in your subscription! Learn more here.

Member Directory

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All for a simple, transparent price

Truly unlimited members for a fixed price. Free for first 25 members. No credit card required.



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