Why aren't more conversations happening in your community?

Do your members rely on you to make new intros? Or read through 999 profiles to find the one person they should meet?
Make it easier with Curated Connections.
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Why top community builders use tools like ours to automate connections

Our customers love us

Small Communities

"Generalist World members wanted more than just our lively speed networking events. That's where Curated Connections swooped in, becoming our go-to app for sparking those one-on-one chats that our community loves.

The moment we introduced it to the community, our most active members jumped right in! We recently levelled up to Pro, pairing our OGs with the newbies, as part of our onboarding process”

Ece Kurtaraner
Ece Kurtaraner
Generalist World
Large Communities

"We received plenty of feedback that our community feels too large and difficult to make quality connections. Curated Connections has helped us with that!

It has helped members of our 60,000 member design community, make meaningful 1:1 connections through shared interests.”

Grace Ling
Grace Ling
Design Buddies

"We used Curated Connections before our first in-person Rails conference to match attendees and give them the opportunity to meet up virtually before traveling in-person to Amsterdam.

For first-time attendees, it was a really valuable ice-breaker. They were able to travel to the event already knowing at least one familiar face.

This allowed us to start the conference excitement weeks out. Highly recommend to other events to try!

Amanda Perino
Amanda Perino
Rails Foundation

And here's what they love about us

Multi-dimensional matching

Every match feels thoughtful when you factor in multiple aspects of your member's personality, goals and experiences. So you never loose the human touch.

Runs by itself

No need to spend hours each week on maintaining the program. We've designed it to engage your community on autopilot. So set it up once and forget it.

Creator-friendly pricing

We are building this for creators. Not for large enterprises or HRs. That mission reflects in our pricing - $29/month gives you a truly unlimited access.


There’s someone in your community who needs to meet someone else

Many of us are one really powerful connection away from achieving something miraculous. Online communities have the power to make this miracle happen. Yours too.

There's someone in your community that needs to meet someone else in your community. You don't know for why yet. You don't know what's going to happen when they meet. But it definitely exists.

If your community can match the right people at the right time, in the right context, in the right environment - you’ll be responsible for unlocking this magic.

But you can’t expect your members to go through profiles of nine hundred and ninety nine other members to make that 1 magic connection. And you definitely can’t make them rely on you to play the matchmaker.

We built Curated Connections to help you do that.

Imagine this, 2 creators in your community get on the Zoom and realize they're both making the same monthly revenue and think that's a total coincidence. But it's not. Because your matching algorithm knew that already.

Or a solo founder goes to your member directory to find other members in their city who also work in the same industry and ends up connecting with a lifelong mentor.

We want to help you foster powerful connections like these.


CEO and cofounder

For community builders

A new way to create latent connections between your members so that they are more likely to engage in your community.

Doesn’t matter whether your community lives on Slack, Discord, Discourse, Circle or any other platform.

Online Communities Comic

For conference organisers

Stop inviting people to a room full of strangers.

Make your conference more exciting by introducing likeminded attendees to each other. They’ll thank you for solving networking.

Conferences Comic

For creators

Create ongoing value for your customers without creating extra work for yourself.

You don’t need to start a Slack or a Discord community to give your customers the benefits of networking. Just setup an automated Curated Connections program.

Creators Comic
Crash course

Lessons from operators of top community businesses

We also interview operators of top community businesses to teach you their most successful strategies.

Enroll for free below to learn their open secrets.

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Give your members a Networking Superpower

Here's everything you will ever want from a matchmaking tool

  • ✓ Curated matching
  • ✓ Unlimited members
  • ✓ Privacy-friendly analytics
  • ✓ Advanced match settings
  • ✓ Simple, intuitive interface
  • ✓ White glove onboarding
  • ✓ Slack integration
  • ✓ Zapier integration
  • ✓ Your branding

All at an accessible price of $29/month, FLAT *

* No hidden charges, no tiers

How it works


Create a simple form

Add multi-choice questions to understand your member's preferences


Invite your members

Members fill the form to select who they want to meet and network with


Watch them connect

That's it! We'll take care of making thoughtful connections between your members

As simple as creating a short form

You don't need an hour to learn this tool - it's as intuitive a form builder.

Just tell members about your program, ask matching questions and suggest meeting prompts.

New Program Builder

Get sensible defaults with powerful customisations

Your program will match likeminded members by default. But you'll also have the option to set advanced matching rules for more customised needs.

Peer-to-peer networking? Check Mentor-mentee matching? Check Co-founder dating? Check

Advanced Settings

Share your unique link with your community members

This is where they can go to sign up for the program.

Random matches feel impersonal. That's why, we curate introductions for your members based on the answers they give when signing up.

Signup Page Example

Or import all your members in an instant

Migrating from a different matchmaking tool? We’ve got your covered!

If you already know your members and their preferences, you won't need to ask them again. Just import them to your Curated Connections program using our migration tool.

Migration Tool Example

Watch them connect over email, no login needed

Getting every member to sign up for a new matchmaking platform, remember its password and log in every time a match is made - is a hassle.

That's why Curated Connections uses the interface that all your members are already using, making it easy to get the whole group going!

Intro Example

Get privacy-friendly analytics

We don’t spy on the conversation between your community members.

Instead, we regularly ask your members to report on the verdict of the match and share their feedback with you.

Analytics Example