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Welcome to Buddy Up  – your gateway to unlocking powerful connections within our vibrant marketing community. 

At Up Club, we understand that it can be quite a lonely place when you’re a one-person marketing team, or struggling to understand what works in a start-up or simply want to find someone in your industry who gets the pains of the constant algorithm changes 😅

Introducing Buddy Up – our bespoke program designed to pair you with a fellow Up Club member. You’ll sign up, tell us a bit about yourself and then we’ll match you up with someone similar so you can help each other out, compare notes, swap advice and grow together.

How does it work?

  • You just need to answer the questions on this page, telling us what industry you’re in, your job title and where you’re based. 

  • We’ll then do all the hard work for you and find you a match who’s either in the same industry, at the same level or lives close by (if you’re lucky it could be all three!)

  • We’ll introduce you over email and tell you a bit about each other, then leave you to become lifelong friends. Chatting over Slack or catching up over coffee.

  • If the match works then🥳but if you’re not a fit, you’ll continue to receive matches every so often.

Matches will happen on Thursdays at 2pm UTC and you'll be introduced via email and Slack so keep an eye out 🔍

Ready to jump right in and find someone?👉

P.s make sure you use the same email you used to sign up to Up Club slack

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